Alarm Systems

10 Things to Know Before Installing an Alarm System

Alarm Systems

1. Alarms Systems Are Different From Security Systems

Remember that alarms themselves differ from security systems. Alarm systems work well when burglars or other types of intruders enter your home. They do this through sensors placed on doors and windows. Security systems offer more integrative protection in the event of fires, carbon monoxide, flooding, and more.

2. Shop Around to Get the Best Offers

Before you buy from the first security company you talk to, you should shop around with other companies. As long as you stick to reputable security companies, it is worth seeing what the different companies have to offer in terms of price, value, and customer service.

3. Consider a Monitoring System

A monitoring system will cost extra money, but it will add another layer of protection to your alarm system. It will automatically notify your security system if your alarm is going off. If you are on your property regularly or have neighbors nearby who would call in case of an emergency, you may not need a monitoring system.


Alarm Systems

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4. Find Out if Your System Will Work During a Power Outage

When you’re installing an alarm system, you need to plan for the worst-case scenario. That involves planning for power outages during the event of an emergency. Most systems nowadays operate even when there is a power outage, but it doesn’t hurt to do some due diligence.

5. Wireless Systems vs. Hardwired Systems

There are both wireless systems and hardwired alarm systems available. Wireless systems will have a lower installation cost tied to them, which is certainly appealing if the budget is tight. Hardwired systems are more reliable and secure, but that comes at a price. They also require much more work to set up.

6. There are Different Sized Systems for Different Sized Properties

Depending on the size of your property, you will need to plan accordingly in terms of the size of your alarm system. A larger alarm system will cover a larger property, but will also cost more money. Have an idea of the size of your property so that you only spend what you need.

7. Know What You’re Getting From Your Security Company

Make sure you know the information involved in the contract you’re getting into with your security company. Basically, just ensure that everything you’re getting is essential so you aren’t wasting money. Also, make sure you have coverage over everything that you need.

8. Know Your Insurance Discounts

Depending on what kind of property you are installing your alarm system into, you may be eligible for some insurance discounts. This will typically be applied as a percentage discount to your monthly insurance premium.

9. Security Alarm Companies vs. DIY Setup

While it may seem easier to set up an alarm system yourself especially if you are on a small property and don’t need extensive security, it’s still easier to work with professionals. Professionals can plan, integrate, and execute for you, taking the headache out of security. Working with a professional ensures regular maintenance, up-to-date software, and possibly monitoring depending on your budget.

10. Look Into Other Security Upgrades

While getting an alarm system is a step in the right direction, it does not solve all of your problems. You should also consider full home security systems, CCTV systems, and monitoring systems just to name a few.

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